Welcome to the world of Cornhole! Or at least, New Jersey’s Cornhole. I know, I know…around here that word cornhole might mean something that happened to you one night when you were locked up in county. We’re talking about something completely different. We’re talking about a game that was invented in Cincinnati , Ohio.

Cornhole is a lot like horseshoes, except that you throw bags instead of shoes. I’m not going to try to explain it all to you here, but trust me, it’s a lot of fun!! You can find more information about it under the “rules” tab.

We hope this site grows as fast as the game is. It’s tough to find something to do that’s as fun as playing cornhole with the crew, drinkin’ some beers, and breaking some balls!

If you play, or gain an interest in it and want to check it out, show up for a tourney and check it out.

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  1. David Granacher says:

    cornhole, beers, breaking balls…made for me..keep me in the loop..Thanks..

  2. Shayne Coyne says:

    Hey Steve its Shayne from Syracuse. Nice website. Was wondering if you and any of your cohorts were coming up for the masters tourney April 9th? I know TJ can’t make it but I’m looking to try and help Jamie promote and grow this sport and was trying to get a head count thats all. Shoot me an email if you like. Thanks!

  3. Nick B says:

    Steven – Just ripped through the site. Good setup…Where the hell do you find the time to throw all these bags? INSANE. Keep up the good work.

    Boston, MA

  4. Bob & Joyce says:

    Steve, glad to hear april 23 @ Cooks went well. Since I only lasted one day at sh_t flags, we decided to go up north for Easter. However, when we returned home we had a phone message from some drunken perv….Almost seems like some drunk from the streets of Trenton got my home phone number…looking forward to June…let me know if we are throwing together….

  5. T-mac says:

    Hey Steve put me and Sharon down for the Trenton tourney

  6. Kevin says:

    Great site. Can anyone advise me where to purchase quality corn bags in south jersey (besides the mail-order option) ? I envision an addiction forming soon…. Thank you !

  7. Amy Tompkins says:

    Hi Steve and the Cornhole Players Association. On behalf of everyone involved with the YFALS Cornhole Challenge Day and at ALS TDI, I want to thank you very much for helping with many of our events around the country. The national committee was so lucky to have you helping us during the planning of this large event! Our event hosts were also thankful to have experienced Tournament Directors running their event. The help of the CPA took a lot of pressure off our hosts who were busy with other components of the event. We appreciate your willingness to help grow our first national event and hope to have your involvement in the following years.

    Thanks Again!


  8. STEVEN DIXON says:

    I have been playing baggo for about 4 years Rutger’s football game. I have been known as the guy to beat every time we played. Baggo is a commercially made plastic board, as im sure you know. Well… I entered a cornhole tournament with a local police department and was floored at the difference the wooden boards were than the plastic ones i had been playing on. I was hooked! I now have a set of boards of my own through CRAIG”S CUSTOM CORNHOLE BOARDS. I’m an ok player but my determination and competiveness makes me strive to be better. Please contact me with info so that I may participate in any event you organization my have.
    Steven W Dixon (Sgt Steven W Dixon #20 Keyport Police Department)

  9. Steve says:

    I think I already sent you an email. We are helping the guys with Belford.


  10. Fred Lipinski says:

    Inspirational story of how the Kansas City Chiefs have turned around their season


  11. Rob Sulzer says:

    Steve great website, I love that the bags are in the shape of New Jersey, very creative.
    I will see you guys on Dec 27.

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